The laws in Georgia regarding collections are very creditor friendly. Unlike other states, Georgia allows the filing of bank and wage garnishments, which facilitate the collection of judgments

When a file comes into our offices for collection, we send a demand letter within 24 hours of placement. Thereafter, the file is placed with an experienced collector for review in anticipation of litigation. The collector attempts to contact the debtor in an attempt to amicably resolve the matter prior to litigation. If this is not successful, with client authorization, a lawsuit is filed. If the defendant fails to file an answer within 30 days of the date of service, we prepare and submit a default judgment to the Court. If the defendant files an answer, the file is transferred to the supervising attorney for action, including Court appearances. All pleadings are reviewed and signed by an attorney and the supervising Partner oversees all collection activities

Once a judgment is entered, the account is transferred to a post-judgment collector for skip tracing. If banking and/or employment information is discovered, the collector will initiate garnishment proceedings. All of our collection paralegals and attorneys are well versed and abide by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Our Collections Group handles consumer and commercial claims, including open accounts, unsecured and secured loans, credit cards, automobile loans, student loans, medical claims, foreign judgments, real and personal property foreclosures and various commercial matters.

Our Collections Group has immediate utilization of the court system, and our group of skilled attorneys are readily available to consult with clients concerning their most effective collection options. We are able to handle collections matters from the demand stage through post-judgment, which includes the filing of garnishments, conducting post-judgment discovery, and levy on assets.

Our clients throughout the country may electronically interact with us and view the status of their cases.


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